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ISO/IEC 27001:2013



CFD-Schuck_infobrief_4_2016 (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_3_2016 (CFD-Wizards)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_2_2016 (water management)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_1_2016 (ventilation technology)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_4_2015 (overset mesh, gear simulation)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_2+3_2015 (aeroacoustics, english)

CFD-Schuck_infobrief_1_2015 (cavitation, english)


Konstruktionspraxis Vogel, April 2016: Getriebesimulation mittels CFD - Möglichkeiten und Potentiale

Lubrication Simulation Can Stop Those Grinding Gears


STAR Global Conference 2016, Prag: High-End Gearbox Simulation: Modeling Gear Contact with “Zero Gap Interfaces” on a Multiphase Spur-Gear System

ANSYS Conference  33. CADFEM USER Meeting 2015: Numerical simulation of turbulence induced aeroacoustics in a simplified HVAC duct

Star Global Konferenz Vienna 2014: Coupled simulation of Multiphase Fluid Flow & Multiple Body Motion: Oil flow in a rotating spur-gear system

ANSYS Conference & 32.CADFEM USERS´Meeting 2014: Efficient analysis of motor components with CFD using the example of an exhaust gas turbocharger

ANSYS Conference & 32. CADFEM USERS´Meeting 2014: Investigation of the flow through a centrifugal fan with non-rotationally symetrical impeller

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